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Corporate culture
  • Enterprise concept

    “Professional, permanent record high, this is one of the oldest words hidden in the history. There is an old saying: “ therefore, a short step, a thousand miles; not small streams, so that no jianghai. Steed leap, not ten steps; ten inferior horse riding through perseverance. Perseverance, nothing; perseverance, can engrave stone. ” the inscription people use their own wisdom to inherit the Scriptures and give new features of the times.

  • Enterprise goal

    “The motto has consistently adhered to the spirit of diligent and diligent enterprise, and is committed to the construction of a modern international famous electric measuring company.

  • Management idea

    “It begins with customer demand, and finally the customer is satisfied with ” “ CO prosperity and win-win cooperation ” it is our consistent business philosophy.

  • Management philosophy

    Scientific management, heavy credit and honest

  • Talent idea

    People oriented, fair competition

  • Chairman message

    The motto people believe that business is the same as being a person, and always insists on “ in the other hand, we believe in honesty, &ldquo in the interior, and the core values of this &rdquo. With “ integrity, morality, responsibility, abide by norms ” corporate code of conduct, to become your trusted friend.

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