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  • General Manager’s Office

    Be responsible for drafting the company work plan, work summary and administrative comprehensive report work Yearbook and resolution, to formulate relevant rules and regulations of the company, responsible for the implementation of the general manager office meeting arrangements, recording, supervision and inspection office conference, as well as the center of materials to inform the inspection, attendance,.

  • Marketing Department

    Grasp the market correctly, organize market research regularly and collect market information. Analysis of the situation of sales and market competition, and put forward improvement plans and measures. In charge of collecting, sorting and inducing customer information, a thorough analysis of the customer group is carried out. Determine sales strategy, set up sales target, and set up sales plan. Manage sales activities, make sales management system and work procedure. Organize and coordinate the daily work of the sales department. Timely feedback the customer situation and all kinds of problems in sales. Fill in the related forms according to the requirements of the company and establish the customer files.

  • Human Resources Department

    According to the company's development strategy, business plan and the current situation of human resources management to strategic human resources planning and annual work plan, put forward to ensure the strategy and business development, continued to optimize the human resources management system and staff plan and organize the implementation, establish and maintain the company in the market competition the advantages of human resource management and human resources. Fixing and recruitment deployment: in conjunction with relevant departments to design the organizational structure of the company, clear responsibilities of various departments and staff to guide the preparation of job descriptions; according to the planning and deployment of staff recruitment, staff vacancy situation, meet the needs of the company with the people.

  • Product research and Development Department

    According to the company's overall annual development goals, on the orientation of the products formulated product plans, develop the company's main products, and complete the design and debugging tasks according to plan; analysis of the company's existing products and the market, according to market feedback information, timely improvement in the design and adjustment of non ideal factors, to adapt to market demand, increase sales.

  • Production workshop Department

    Accurately grasp the status of the production task, reasonable according to the raw materials for delivery, storage, use. Ensure the smooth operation of order production, and strive to achieve the minimum inventory cost. According to the situation of production order, arrange the custom, store and use of the package. Responsible for the production, and cloth and other supplies and use assessment. Responsible for the production site management, responsible for the overall planning of workshop production, safety and environmental protection, quality, equipment, consumption and other matters, establish and improve the workshop management and operation system and core business process.

  • Quality inspection department

    It is responsible for the preparation of technical management standards, production process flow, equipment operation manual and work instruction. Responsible for the safety production education, the strengthening of safety production control, the strict implementation of the production operation regulations and the timely supervision and inspection. Ensure safe production. Put an end to the safety accident. In charge of organizing production site management to ensure a clean and orderly production site.

  • Finance Department

    Participate in the formulation of the company's financial system and the corresponding implementation rules. Participate in the financial analysis of the reliability research and project evaluation of the project of the company. Organize and compile the financial data required by the board of directors and the general manager. Responsible for liaison and communication between the external and government departments concerned with the financial work, such as the tax bureau, the Finance Bureau, the bank, the accounting firm and so on. Responsible for the management and scheduling of funds. Make an analysis of the monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements and report the company's management to the company. In charge of sales statistics and review, each month is responsible for the preparation of the accounts receivable report, and is responsible for the compilation of the monthly transfer vouchers, and the collection of all accounts receipts.

  • After-sales service department

    Tracking and handling of goods returned by customers and stations. Register, receive the registration book, fill out the repair list, no matter whether the customer calls for consultation or repair or complain, they should register in the book and explain the reason or treatment. The return visit has been returned to the maintenance single customer, and the return visit is recorded.

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