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Notice on the arrangement of the Dragon Boat Festival holida


Colleagues in all departments of guodian mingke:
How do you do! 2018 small Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming, according to the state council general office on part of the holiday arrangement notice in 2018 combined with the company's operation, the relevant matters will be Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice as follows:
There will be a three-day holiday on June 16th (Saturday), June 17th (Sunday) and June 18th (Monday).
The arrangement of each department staff do a good job first please, turn off the lock switch, and the doors and Windows, fire alarm, to ensure the workplace safe, orderly, and the personnel on duty list to the hr department in advance, in case of emergency, should according to properly handle and report in time.
We warmly remind you that people are crowded during the festival and pay attention to the safety of life and property. Finally, I wish you a pleasant and happy little holiday.

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