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TKBPXZGenerator variable frequency ac voltage withstand test equip

Other name:Alternator ac withstand test, generator withstand test equipment

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Series resonance profile
Name: ac withstand test, alternator ac withstand test, generator withstand test equipment
Generator Resonance Test System
Applicable object: it is mainly designed and manufactured for the ac withstand test of 11kV/30MW hydro-generator. The reactor adopts two separate designs.
Device composition: alternator ac voltage withstand test device mainly consists of variable frequency control power supply, excitation transformer, reactor and capacitor voltage divider.
Advantages of series resonance in power system applications:
1. The required power capacity is greatly reduced. Series resonance power is using the resonance reactor and the participants resonance capacitance generate high voltage and high current, in the whole system, the power only need to provide a part of the system energy consumption, the amount of power is only required test test the capacity of 1 / Q.
2. The weight and volume of the equipment are greatly reduced. Series resonance power, not only saves the heavy power regulating device and ordinary high power test transformer, power frequency and resonant excitation power supply need to test the capacity of 1 / Q, greatly reduce the system weight and volume, generally for the common test apparatus of 1/10-1/30.
3. Improve the output voltage waveform. Resonant power supply is a resonant filter circuit, which can improve the waveform distortion of output voltage and obtain good sinusoidal waveform.
4. Prevent large short-circuit current from burning fault points. In the series resonance state, when the insulation weakness of the test product is broken, the circuit immediately detuns, and the circuit current drops rapidly to 1/Q of the normal test current. Compared with shunt resonance or test transformer, the breakdown current immediately increases by dozens of times. The difference between short circuit current and breakdown current is hundreds of times. Therefore, series resonance can effectively find the insulation weakness, and there is no big short circuit current burn fault point.
5. No recovery overvoltage will occur. Try breakdown occurs, loss of resonance condition, high voltage, arc immediately put out, also immediately disappear and the recovery voltage to build process is very long, it is easy to power off before fall again flash voltage, the voltage of the recovery process is a kind of intermittent oscillation process of energy accumulation, the process is long, and there will not be any recovery over-voltage.
Series resonance is another name
Variable frequency resonance, frequency series resonance, transformer, series, series resonant series resonance test equipment, generator ac withstand voltage resonant booster unit pressure test device, motor, generator ac withstand voltage test unit, ac withstand voltage test system of the generator stator, 10 kv ac/dc withstand voltage test equipment, generator stator ac withstand voltage test system, variable frequency series resonance, frequency series resonance overvoltage withstand test device, the power frequency withstand voltage test device
Series resonance function
1, the generator ac withstand voltage test device has over voltage, over current, zero start, system mismatch (upon) protective functions, such as over-voltage over-current protection values can be based on user needs setting, try flash fell upon protection action and can take down upon voltage value, for experimental analysis
2. The weight of the whole device is very light, up to 40kg, which is convenient for field use
3. The device has four working modes, making it convenient for users to choose flexibly according to field conditions and improving test speed
The working mode is: automatic mode, manual mode, automatic tuning manual boost mode
4. Can store and print data in different places, and the data number stored is digital, so as to facilitate user identification and search
5, automatic device frequency sweep frequency starting point can be set freely within the prescribed scope, frequency sweep direction can up and down, LCD screen display scanning curve at the same time, the convenient user intuitive understanding whether find resonance point
6. DSP platform technology is adopted to facilitate the increase and decrease of functions and upgrades according to users' needs, and to make the man-machine interface more humanized


  Line output voltage    0 ~ 50kV(effective value of AC) and below
  The output frequency    45~65Hz
  Resonance voltage waveform    Pure sine wave, waveform distortion rate is less than 1.0%
   A week    At full power output, the continuous working time is generally 5min
   The quality factor    10~40
  Frequency control sensitivity    0.1hz, instability < 0.05%
   Maximum test capacity    5000kVA and below
   Working power supply    220V or 380V plus or minus 10%, working frequency 50Hz plus or minus 5%
Serial product configuration and application:
Product model name Scope of application (ac withstand test of generator or motor with an outlet voltage of 20kV or below, frequency: 50Hz + / - 2Hz)
The console reactor Actuating transformer Voltage divider The applicable objects
TKBPXZ-BP-100/50 10kW/220V 50kV/1A一台 10kW/5kV 50kV/500pF 发电机0.07~0.13uF
TKBPXZ-BP-150/50 15kW/380V 50kV/1.5A一台 15kW/5kV 发电机0.13~0.2uF
TKBPXZ-BP-225/50 25kW/380V 50kV/1.5A两台 25kW/5kV 发电机0.2~0.27uF
TKBPXZ-BP-350/50 30kW/380V 60kV/2A两台 30kW/5kV 发电机0.27~0.33uF
Electricity capacity reference table of generators commonly used in power system:
category The generator
model The manufacturer Rated capacity MW Rated voltage kV Phase capacitor u F
Thermal generator T2-12-2   12 6.3 0.1
TQ-25-2   2 6.3 0.19
TBC-30   30 6.3 0.2
TB2-30-2   30 6.3 0.2
TQN-50-2   50 10.5 0.209
TB-50-2   50 10.5 0.26
TB-60-2   60 10.5 0.25
TQN-100-2   100 13.8 0.234
WT23S-083AF3   300 15 0.29
TB-320-2   320 20 0.3
T264/640   600 20 0.368
QF-30-2   30 6.3 0.1
QF-60-2   60 6.3 0.234
QF-60-2   60 10.5 0.33
QFS-125-2 Shanghai electric power plant 125 13.8 0.08~0.12
QFSN-200-2 Harbin electric power plant 200 15.75 0.19~0.21
QFQS-200-2 Dongfang electric power plant 200 15.75 0.1928~0.21
QFS-300-2 Shanghai electric power plant 300 18 0.16~0.2
QFSN-300-2 Shanghai electric power plant 300 18 0.18~0.2
QFSN-600-2   600 20 0.234
ATB-2 GE 352 23 0.268
TBB-200-2 The former Soviet union 200 15.75 0.107
TBB-500-2   500 20 0.25
TBB-320-2 The former Soviet union 320 20 0.31
TBB-800-2   800 24 0.25
2-105*234 Westinghouse 600 20 0.2
50WT23E-138 ABB 600 22 0.253
synchrotron TT-15-8   15 6.6 0.108
TT-30-6   30 10.5 0.2

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Standard list of generator variable frequency ac voltage withstand resonance test accessories, please refer to the product specification or contract. If you find that the product list information is inaccurate
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1 set of alternator ac voltage withstand test equipment (frequency conversion sensitivity)
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