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Load bearing type load bearing (repair, test) power facility


To regulate guangdong guangdong (repair, test) power facilities permit issuing and management, on the basis of "the bearing is installed (repair, test) power facilities permit management method" (electrical supervisor will 28 order) and the guangdong (repair, test) power facilities permit applications conditions "(electric supervisor qualification [2010] no. 4)," about the printing < guangdong (repair, test) power facilities permit construction machinery equipment reference standard > notification "([2010] no. 6 of the qualification to do), and the electric power industry standard, combined with guangdong, guangxi and hainan province (area) the actual electric power construction market, these provisions are formulated.
Application class guangdong guangdong (repair, test) power facilities permit, shall be in accordance with "the bearing is installed (repair, test) power facilities permit management method" and its application conditions, guangdong enterprises (repair, test) power facilities shall be according to actual needs and can bear the scope of project that meet the needs of construction machines and equipment.
The following content, refer to the state electricity regulatory commission (repair, test) power facilities permit guangdong management method "(electrical supervisor to 28) regulation, if any, will be subject to electrical supervisor will" bearing "provisions of the state.
Acceptance (repair, test) power facility license level 5 power qualification assessment criteria:
Criteria for qualification assessment of grade 5 electric power for conditional acceptance and installation
The first direct application for the condition of jump of enterprise comprehensive condition
One year of establishment
Registered capital, net assets more than 1.5 million yuan
Have legal person qualification and perfect organization structure have legal person qualification and perfect organization structure
The project scope can be undertaken below 10 kv voltage level power facilities maintenance activities
The company's engineering performance is engaged in the maintenance activities of corresponding kv lines and power transformation facilities
Construction machinery and equipment suitable for the project scope and perfect technical file management system
42. The technical director and safety supervisor shall have at least 3 years of experience in the maintenance and management of power facilities, and shall have the qualification of technical post at or above the primary level in electric power related majors
Enterprise personnel require more than 5 professional technical and economic management personnel, including more than 3 professional engineering technical personnel related to electric power
The total number of network electricians is over 8
More than 4 high - voltage electricians
The total number of special electricians is more than 2
More than one full-time safety supervisor

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