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technical guidance
  Wuhan guodian inscription division electric co., LTD strictly implement after-sales service commitment, after years of development, our company always adhere to the "professional focus, always create new high", "co-prosperity coexistence, cooperation win-win" service concept, will follow product sales service commitment and the terms of the contract, and strictly enforce the after-sales service commitment, "outside, credit by sincerity" inside people "this" core values. Adhere to the "good faith, moral, responsible, keep specification" corporate code of conduct, with strict management, advanced technology to build a good sales service system, providing customers with professional products and satisfactory service, efforts to build a good sales service system, providing customers with high-quality pre-sale, sale and after-sales service!

  • A Dear users, no matter what you need, welcome to dial the 400-27-1108 minke integrated service hotline
  • BOur service specialist will provide you with professional product consultation and technical solutions
  • C Understand your requirements and establish product service records
  • D If necessary, we will arrange professional engineers to explain the working principle and technical parameters of the product to you in detail
  • E Sign cooperation intention, arrange payment and delivery to customer's location
  • F If necessary, we will arrange professional technical engineers to arrive at the test site on time
  • GAfter the completion of the service, please give us your valuable comments or Suggestions on our service
  • HThe after-sales service center will actively follow up the service progress and follow up the return visit regularly.
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